Who is Strangelove?

Hello! My name is Gareth Strange aka Strangelove. I would like to say the name Strangelove was inspired by my last name and making time to do the things you love, but the reality is my good friend Gavin Johnson came up with the name. I liked it and it stuck.

Anyway, I'm an experienced graphic designer and illustrator based in Cardiff, Wales. By day, I run a graphic design and branding agency called John & Jane. By night, I like drawing stuff whilst listening to The National, Bob Dylan or Sun Kil Moon. I really need to start listening to some new music, please feel free to make some recommendations.

I'm also part of the CreativeMornings team. A free monthly event that consists of an awesome 20 minute talk and some seriously good coffee. It would be great to see you at the next one.

My life in photos